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Come light a (book) lantern!

Do you like YA? Do you like discussion? Do you like this blog but can't stomach the idea of reading post after post written by me and plead for other bloggers to take over?

Then come on over to The Book Lantern!

A group of my friends on GoodReads got together over a steaming pile of interwebs trouble and decided to start our own blog. It's similar to the Sparkle Project but with more of us to share the blame! We've got bloggers from all over the globe with many opinions on YA to share. Each day of the week will bring a new blogger with reviews, discussions, debates, questions, fangirling and antici...



I'll be making my first solo post there on Thursday, but our very first post is a group discussion on what makes a good (or bad) paranormal YA. I'll still be doing the Project of course (and thank you for all your kind - and not so kind - words lately) but the reviews I post on the Book Lantern will not be posted here. So please check it out and leave us some comments with suggestions for reviews, news, discussions and anything else you want to hear about.

(This post has been the perfect example of why I should never go into comedy! Thank you!)

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Caitlyn Orenshaw said...

Is that a Rocky Horror Picture Show reference I see?

Hi. I'm a long time lurker, first time commenter. I just wanted to say that I love your reviews and I'll definantly be watching the new blog.

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