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One highly opinionated feminist YA nerd's twisted, snarky and informative journey through the genre's perils, pitfalls and sparkles.

Welcome to my shiny new home.

Pretty nice, huh? Seriously, it took me far too long to get a template installed.

After I finished up my Summer recap/review series, The Sparkle Project a few days ago, I found myself at something of a wit's end. There was still a lot I wanted to say about the genre, a lot of books I wanted to talk about, both good and bad, and I had a few other ideas for projects/reviews/etc that were connected to discussing YA and its wider influence and implications. So, instead of bugging my LJ friends with constant posts about things they don't care about, I decided to pitch my tent in the proper blogosphere.

So what should you expect from this blog? A bit of everything, I suppose. There will certainly be more reviews and recaps (as well as hopefully an entire series recap of the House of Night books) and you should definitely brace yourselves for more ramblings and musings on the genre and the gufts/curses it bestows upon the faithful reader. I'm also hoping to discuss female pop culture in general, especially that which is designed to appeal to teenage girls. Hopefully there will be lots of surprises too. I will also take requests. Is there a book out there you think I desperately need to read, for good reasons or otherwise? Please tell me and I'll see what I can do.

There's nothing left to say except I hope you all follow.

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Leila said...

Hello! I recently found you (with the help of Cleolinda) and really enjoyed reading your book reviews :) If you want a suggestion, I'm really curious as to your thoughts on A Spell for Chameleon by Anthony Piers. Not one you desperately need to read, but it's a rather fun fantasy that has some interesting gender points that when I first read it at 13 I didn't spot. (Of course, rereading it now I go Whut.) Either way, good luck with the blogging and I shall continue to read and be amused :)

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