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One highly opinionated feminist YA nerd's twisted, snarky and informative journey through the genre's perils, pitfalls and sparkles.

Coming soon on the Sparkle Project!

Now that I'm no longer clogging up my poor, infinitely patient LJ friends pages with my ramblings, I feel a sudden urge to spam the hell out of this blog, but since I don't want to run out of things to say too quickly, or annoy the followers I have (12 followers! Hi to you all, that's seriously cool and flattering) I'll pace myself. Until then, here's a brief summary of things to come.

  • The House of Night series recap. (I described the first book in the HoN series by P.C. and Kristin Cast as being the YA version of Anita Blake. It has all the trademark crazy but with less sex and more slut-shaming and annoying teen speak. Since I had a little too much fun with my review of the first book Marked and a few commenters said it only got better/worse from there on, I have decided to continue the series for your enjoyment/mental torture. Since the series is currently 7 books long, with an 8th coming soon, I won't be short of material in case I need to pad this blog out a bit.)
  • Rambling musings. (I'm still fascinated by the genre and the wider messages and implications of the tropes and cliches, not to mention the business of the YA industry itself, and believe me, I'm not short of things to say on it! So expect a few rants on that, the next one being about the dreaded YA Mafia that I'm so terrified of.)
  • Film Fridays. (As well as loving books, I'm a big movie nerd and I thought it would be fun to stir the pot a little by doing a few movie reviews. Some will be random reviews based on whatever I last saw and hopefully I'll share some of my thoughts during awards season - I'm a nerd for that sort of thing and my predictions are usually pretty damn good - but mostly it'll be similar to the Sparkle Project with my thoughts and recaps on the sort of films that women are supposed to like and the further topic of female pop culture that I briefly touched on in this post. If there's a film you think I should review then please leave a comment below.)
  • Book reviews! (To quote the oft-imitated M. Bison, Of course! To be honest I'm still looking for stuff to review. I've got my eye on a couple but I'm a bit worried I might just end up repeating myself and rambling on about the same stuff I said in the original project. So if there's something you think I should read then once again, leave a comment here or on my LJ. My next review will be up tomorrow or Thursday. It's a positive one too!)
  • Literary Nostalgia. (A suggestion of a friend of mine, I will sporadically be revisiting the books that I read during my adolescenes. I read 65 books in my first year of high school so I'm going to look back at some of those and see how they've aged, if they still hold up to scrutiny, if I still enjoy them and the like.)

And to be honest that's all I have planned for now. Hopefully it will amuse and entertain you all.

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Leeness said...

Yay! I really enjoyed the Sparkle Project, so I'm glad to see it, in a way, continuing.

I'm also REALLY looking forward to Knife of Never Letting Go review (you mentioned it's positive, yesssss) cause I really, really enjoyed the series. It became one of my favourite books series by the time I was done. :)

Phoebe said...

Hi there! I stumbled across your writing on GoodReads (we both hated Wings) and just plugged your sparkle project on my blog on a post on writing friendships between women. And I have to say (as I do in the post) that your checklist was a really handy way to avoid certain dumb tropes in revising my current paranormal romance manuscript.

I'm glad to see another aspiring YA author who writes critical reviews. We're preposterously rare. Everyone is afraid of hurting feelings. Bah.

It's two a.m. and this is rambling, but, yeah, I'm excited to see where you take this blog!

Ceilidh said...

@Leeness: Thanks for reading, I'm glad you enjoyed the project. The review should be up later today. I've typed it up but there's a couple of things I want to fix.

@Phoebe: Ah Wings. Sparkly pollen jizz will forever haunt me. Aw thanks for that, I'm glad you enjoyed the reviews. Doing all the reviews has been seriously beneficial for my own writing, it requires me to not take the easy way out and be more creative.

I'm actually going to make a post about the clique-like nature of the genre and it's problems. I'm sad that there aren't more authors in the genre calling out some of the blatant problems.

I hope you like where the blog continues to go!

Anonymous said...

I followed you over from LJ, and I loved the original Sparkle Project. I look forward to what comes up on your new blog as well!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you'll write a review on the whole House of Night series, I wrote a bad review myself after reading 5 of the books and I swore that not even the combined power of the five elements will make me read the rest of them :-) Absolutely dull, repetitive and plain boring! Good luck and patience with that!

Hermine Mendel said...

Here are a couple of book review ideas:

The Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett (This whole series is very good and features one of my favorite YA protagonists ever.)
The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale (A unique retelling of a classic fairy tale.)

Anonymous said...

I've loved reading your Sparkle Project reviews! I don't know if you intend to review it, but another book you might want to check out is 'By Midnight' by Mia James (penname for a husband/wife writing duo). I haven't read it myself, but I think the website will give you enough information to decide:

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